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Simplistic teaching style suited perfectly for beginning guitar players of all ages


Learn the basic guitar chords then choose from hundreds of songs to play and practice any time


Mobile app format allows you to learn anywhere at anytime

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Innovative. Simple. Convenient.

Utilizing technology which mirrors the user's actions to those of the instructor, Play a Tab lets beginners of all ages learn to play the acoustic or electric guitar easily and at their own pace.

Practice guitar lessons anywhere and at any time by taking advantage of Play a Tab's mobile app format. No DVD player or gaming console needed. The Play a Tab system transforms any place into your own personal studio.

“As a musician I see Play a Tab as the perfect tool in teaching beginners of any age the basics of playing the guitar. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of such an innovative system!”

Jonathan Sexton

Musician, Entrepreneur, Instructor for "Play a Tab"

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